Troubleshooting - VAR-MC Systemy Sterowania i Ważenia
Var-Mc Systemy Sterowania
C-LON Spółka z Organiczoną Odpowiedzialnością
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                       Do you have a problem with batching?

Our device microdosing can help you solve the problem. It's perfect for food factories where are adding many supplements, vitamins or micronutries but they have a problem with accurate dosage of certain substance amount. This device is also very often use in concrete factories as a dye batcher (however the dye must be loose). There is possibility to connect several batchers with various components to a single continous mixer. 

              Do you have a problem with maximum usage of your stocks
Our SCADA system is a perfect solution for enterprises which have a problem with usage stocks in not maximum way. Thanks to SCADA system not only your production will be much more efficient which means you can get more products from the same amount of stocks but also our solution can save lots of money on all necessary media needed to production. It can also solve overstocks problem.