Fodder factories - VAR-MC Systemy Sterowania i Ważenia
Var-Mc Systemy Sterowania
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SCADA system for fodder factories

System Capabilities:
  • Production process control and supervision,
  • visualization of the entire production process,
  • control systems for technologic lines,
  • manual process running,
  • control and signaling of faults and damages,
  • communication with external devices,
  • communication with scales,
  • object animations,
  • alarms and occurrences registration,
  • production reports creating,
  • recipes creating,
  • protection of access at different levels,
  • prepared to cooperate with other systems on the object,
  • tracebility - full product genealogy,
  • media usage monitoring and optimization (power, water, etc..)
SCADA system for  fodder factories  is indispensable for every fodder factory because  is very  helpful  from the beginning of production process to the final product. There is possibility of supervision  over entire production process , on every level , and in case of any device failure, system informs us about the problem and we can get rid of it immediately without any production loss. SCADA system let us provide big savings from reduction of consume all necessary media  needed for the production, and the system also guarantee maximum  usage all supplies, by dint of this You won’t need  excessive supplies.
Here you can find our devices applied in fodder factories
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